How to Snag a Job : Keywords That You Need

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To snag a job in today’s search engine based tech world, you must include resume keywords. Hiring managers don’t have time to weed through the thousands of faceless resumes submitted online. Most employers use recruiting management software to quickly sift through resumes. Even if you are the perfect for the job, no one will call you in for the interview if specific keywords don’t draw them to your application. They are farmed into a database where technology takes over. Hiring managers search the database with targeted keywords that represent the position. Without keywords, employers will not even read your resume.

To compete in the job market, you must learn how to use keywords to your advantage. Consider the job requirements such as relevant credentials, software proficiency, and previous employers when applying keywords. For instance, a candidate for a vehicle inspector position may use the following words: automobile, ICAR, vehicle appraiser license, claims, coverage, policy, insurance, damage, and cars. A customer service rep might have: computer skills, customer tracking system, customer service, order entry experience.

Figuring out what keywords to use is not difficult. You just have to define the hard skills and buzzwords specific to the industry. There are general areas to focus on when choosing your keywords.

• Certifications or Degrees

• University or College Names

• Job Titles

• Job Lingo

• Company Names

• Service Types

• Professional Affiliations

• Names of Products

• Technical Terminology

• Industry Specific Jargon

• Hardware or Packages

• Computer Buzzwords

In order to match the available positions, your resume must incorporate the same words that are in the job descriptions. A job search engine is the easiest way to identify the right keywords. Look for five to eight employment postings with comparable job titles. See what words are mentioned over and over. Highlight the words that appear most and list them. These are your resume keywords. Include these keywords into your resume and cover letter.

If you need more qualification and skill keywords check out the Occupational Information Network for the common descriptions in your occupation. Type your occupation into O*Net Online and it will give a comprehensive list of tasks, tools & technology, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the job. Then simply copy the terms that best meet your experience.

Chances are you will find more than 10 words. However, you only need approximately eight. Pick the top eight words for the greatest impact. Too many buzzwords can be confusing. You want to streamline your message so the text reads smoothly.

Write your resume, sprinkling the keywords throughout. Start with an action verb and then add the keyword after. Each sentence should have specific facts and figures to quantify your statements. Details add depth and demonstrate your knowledge and practical experience.

SnagAJob.Com – When it comes down to it, before you can sell your experience to an employer, you have to get noticed. Keywords are the spotlight needed to take center stage. Apply the advice above to shine a light on your candidacy.For more quality free tips and information please visit

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Finding the Best Legitimate Online Jobs

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When you are job hunting on the internet, you will find a lot of online opportunities that offer programs which guarantee big income once you register. However, most of these work at home opportunities are actually scams intended to take your money. Though there are real online opportunities but you need to be extra careful in dealing with online transactions because of these scams proliferating over the web. So how will you identify the legitimacy of these online jobs?

1. Freelance websites. Sites like that of oDesk, eLance and iFreelance offer freelance jobs wherein you make a bid for your desired salary. The problem here is that you are competing with a lot of job seekers worldwide so you cannot bid for a higher pay. But as long as you continue providing quality service, you may charge a premium for your services in the long run. Aside from these two sites, you can also browse Suite101, a website that deals with freelance writing.

2. Virtual agent companies. There are many sites looking for virtual assistants and customer service representatives. LiveOps and Working Solutions are two of the best sites that offer online job opportunities such as the very in demand call center agent position. And with regard to remuneration, you can expect a competitive rate.

3. Work at home. More and more people nowadays are looking for ways to earn a living even when they are at home. Mostly mothers who feel boredom at home are greatly benefited with this work at home online opportunities. One great site that has daily updates on this is Apart from the job postings they have, they also give tips on how to avoid scams and how to start your own business. It has also a forum which serves as a platform for all people who share the same experiences and learn from each other.

4. Craigslist. This is one of the most famous websites wherein you can find legitimate online jobs. If you check on the website and look for a job that will also allow you to work even when you are at home, simply check the telecommute option. You will be surprised to find out that there are many available legitimate online jobs listed on this site.

5. Your present occupation. Most of the time, people are looking for opportunities to work at home through the internet. However, they did not even try to consult their current employer about it. If you think that you can perform the job even if you’re at home, you may inform your employer about it if it’s just fine. Then give an assurance that you can make it without sacrificing the quality of your services.

The beauty in work at home opportunities is that you have the option to work part time or full time depending on your availability. For part time positions you can make your own timetable as long as you can meet the requirements. However, you will not enjoy other benefits and you will be the one to compute for your taxes. Full time positions on the other hand offer a complete benefit package that includes health insurance. But before you decide on whether choosing a part time or full time job, you have to clearly identify first the terms of the job.

SnagAJob.Com – Finally, do not transact with those asking for a start-up fee; much more if they promise an unbelievable higher return. Like any other, make a research first before you accept the online jobs. Find out what others have to say about the employer and see to it that the job description matches your interests. Just a reminder, do not believe everything online. You need to verify first before you make a decision.